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Nancy Elias,  President

Nancy identified the need for results-based communication and marketing in the environmental field in early 2013. She realized that the best way forward was to design communications programs that specifically addressed customer and stakeholder needs, and used the performance-based Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) methodology to promote compliance through behaviour modification.

Nancy’s communication and marketing entrepreneurial talents having been at the forefront of sponsorship and event marketing in the 80s and 90s through her AGON companies. AGON Promotion & Marketing Ltd., and later AGON Interactive Inc., were formed to quantify the results from tightly focussed marketing programs—beyond the numbers and impressions of traditional media at that time. AGON’s success as one of the first sponsorship and event marketing companies in Canada was reflected in the scope of programs produced for clients from the public and private sectors. Notable clients included Petro-Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, Hiram Walker Group (Canadian Club brand), XV Olympic Organizing Committee, Great Brands of Europe (Evian Water), Catelli, Bausch & Lomb, and many national sport federations.
“A highlight of my 17 years with the AGON companies was working with creative talents in the development of communications and marketing programs for public and private sector clients.” Jumping forward to the 2000s, Nancy enjoyed a stay in the publishing field to further her skills and relationships in writing and design.

Next, Nancy then took a journey into the world of management consulting. This is where she acquired skills and expertise in business processes and performance improvement, along with training and engagement in the project management field. It was this training that set the stage for the next chapter in her work life.

Nine years of consulting to the water department of a major Canadian municipality has provided Nancy with the opportunity to acquire a sound understanding of the processes in the development and operations of water, sanitary, and stormwater infrastructure in cities. Numerous research projects and jurisdictional scans of best practices has afforded Nancy a unique view of how other North American jurisdictions develop and regulate stormwater management programs. Nancy is keenly interested in the evolving field of stormwater management, and is poised to develop compliance-promoting programs using Doug’s McKenzie-Mohr’s Community-Based Social Marketing methodology.

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Sustain Resources

Sustain provides senior resources in writing and editing, design, event management, project management, and business process and performance improvement. Among Nancy’s team the shortest work stay is 10 years, and most of the Sustain team members have 25+ years of work experience. It is from this experience that Sustain delivers innovative communications and marketing projects and programs efficiently and cost effectively.