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Sustain’s communications are designed to support education and awareness initiatives in the environmental field.
Know your audience
  • Engagement Plan Development and Execution
  • Customer Research
To bring about a change in behaviour, it is best to start with an understanding of the drivers for the current behaviour in a group of stakeholders. Public engagement is increasingly used in public organizations to gather information about expectations and current practices. Sustain team members are highly skilled in conducting engagement sessions and in obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the needs and expectations of stakeholders and customers.

Stakeholder engagement can occur through workshops, discovery sessions or focus groups. When customer focus is involved, analytic survey tools are employed. The Sustain team uses the latest best practice in data analyses to provide useful reports to clients.

Deliver your message to stakeholders and customers
  • Communications Plan Development and Execution
  • Event Planning and Implementation
Sustain delivers communications programs from the planning stage through to implementation. Learnings from the engagement phase are incorporated into the communications plan. Plans are strategic, yet detailed enough for communications tools to be used. Sustain team members have an eye for detail, which ensures that while the plan is strategically solid, the tactics align with stakeholder needs.

Over twenty years of experience in planning and implementing events is put to use for Sustain clients.

Creating materials for understanding
  • Educational documents
  • Guidance documents
  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Posters/flyers
  • Brochures
  • Fact Sheets
Sustain resources include senior writer/editors and graphic designers drawn from the publishing sector. These individuals are well equipped to produce materials ranging from website content to simple brochures and technical guidelines in the environmental field.